The "Say No to IE6" campaign has gained more ground this week with a move from Microsoft no less.

In an attempt to convince users of the eight year old browser to upgrade, it has said that it will double the donation it is currently making to US charity Feeding America if people upgrade from Windows Internet Explorer 6.

The charitable push was started earlier in the year in an attempt to get people to download IE8 and give it a try. For every download Microsoft is donating $1.15 to the cause that helps Americans who are struggling to get a decent meal.

High profile sites like YouTube have started an anti IE6 campaign as the browser is notoriously hard to program websites for and doesn't come with a number of features of the latest set of browsers from Microsoft, Google, Apple and Mozilla.

Called "IE6 No More" the campaign and complimentary website puts forward the case for ditching the browser once and for all and asks website owners and publishers to embed a small piece of code on their site that tells visitors using IE6 to upgrade.

Currently sites including Weebly,, Disqus, Posterous,, Divvyshot, Buxfer, Twitluv, Digital Dandelion,, Defensio, and have signed up with a host of smaller brands signing up to.

Internet Explorer 6 has since its launch in 2001 been superseded a number of times with Microsoft's latest version, IE8, having been released earlier this year.