The momentum of hatred for Microsoft's IE6 browser is starting to gather pace it seems as group of developers unhappy with companies and individuals still using the eight-year-old browser have created a movement against it.

Called "IE6 No More" the campaign and complimentary website puts forward the case for ditching the browser once and for all and asks website owners and publishers to embed a small piece of code on their site that tells visitors using IE6 to upgrade.

Currently sites including Weebly,, Disqus, Posterous,, Divvyshot, Buxfer, Twitluv, Digital Dandelion,, Defensio, and have signed up with a host of smaller brands signing up to.

Internet Explorer 6 has since its launch in 2001 been superseded a number of times with Microsoft's latest version, IE8, having been released earlier this year.

IE6 is thought to be mainly still around because of IT managers not wanting to upgrade browsers on corporate machines.

"We've heard from several sources that many corporate IT departments don't feel any need or urgency to upgrade, and receive very few complaints. We see this as a start -- the more complaints the IT department gets (especially from the top), the more pressure they'll feel to upgrade," the site says to naysayers looking for a reason not to get involved.

Last month YouTube said it would be phasing out support for Microsoft's still-popular-but-insecure Internet Explorer 6 browser.

Banners have already started appearing for IE6 users that say "We will be phasing out support for your browser soon".