Microsoft is continuing to attempt to appease the European Union courts, with a move that promises to make it even more obvious that its IE8 browser is asking to be the default browser when installed.

According to the software giant, when people first install IE8 it will never install, or become the default browser without your explicit consent.

The move follows complaints from the industry that users who currently select the IE8 browser to be installed aren't given an option, while those who opt for Custom install are.

"Good change: Microsoft does the right thing (finally) with IE8 updater", said Mozilla CEO in a tweet on the back of the news.

"IE8's 'express setting' install will no longer change default to IE: Saves me from ranting about that :)", said Matt Cutts, Google's Head of webspam team at Google.

This change applies not only to IE8 installations on Vista and XP, but also when these users with a non-IE default browser install Windows 7.

The new setup procedure will be rolled out in mid-August the company says as part of the next cumulative security update for Internet Explorer.