Amazon has already reported that pre-orders for Windows 7 were flying off the virtual shelf, but now DSGi, the company behind the PC World, Curry's and Dixons stores in the UK, has confirmed that it's been selling hotter than hot cakes.

"Windows 7 has become the fastest selling software operating system package at DSGi, owner of PC World, Currys and", the company said in a statement.

"Demand in the first 12 hours of pre-order launch saw sales of Windows 7 exceed 25% of DSGi’s total annual sales of its predecessor, Windows Vista."

The operating system that replaces Windows Vista has gone on pre-order on Wednesday in the UK ahead of its 22 October launch date later in the year.

Earlier, Amazon said that "thousands" of customers have "raced" to the online retailer to pre-order their copy of Windows 7, sending it straight to number one in the software chart.