Apple Mac users shouldn't expect to get any of the new features being touted in Microsoft's Office 2010 in the near future the company has said.

Microsoft has said that the new office suite, announced on Monday, will go on sale in the first half of 2010 for PC users, however isn't likely to come to the Mac OS until either late 2010 or as far out as 2011.

"While we haven’t shared a launch for the next release of Office for Mac, we typically ship a new version of Office every two to three years", the company said in a FAQ about the new office suite.

Office 2008 launched in January 2008, meaning a 2011 launch is a strong possibility.

The new software promises to bring a number of new features to the office suite including web apps, so you'll be able to work on- or off-line. There'll be full collaboration and co-authoring functionality too, as well as a whole host of new features including the ability to "ignore" unwanted message threads in Outlook.