A US survey has revealed that 6 out of every 10 companies plan to skip Windows 7 in concern over its cost, the time it'll take to deploy, and compatibility with existing software.

60% of the 1000 companies surveyed have said that they have no plans to deploy Windows 7, with 34% planning to deploy it by the end of 2010 and only 5.4% planning an immediate switch. The biggest reason for ignoring it? "Lack of time and resources".

Many companies have said that they're going to wait for the first service pack before implementing the OS. 39% said that they were concerned about compatibility problems with existing apps, despite the promise of an XP compatibility mode.

As Pocket-lint has previously reported, Windows 7 will be released on 22 October. Pre-orders will start on 15 July, and you'll be able to get a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium for a month for just £50. The Professional edition will cost £100.