Google's surprise decision to take its Apps package out of beta and even more sudden announcement of the Chrome OS may be as a result of soon-to-be-announced Microsoft plans, a blogger is hinting.

Well-publicised tech blogger, Robert Scoble, has suggested that Google's timing is based around a Microsoft announcement due on Monday.

Scoble says, via his FriendFeed account: "Why did Google announce Chrome OS this week? Well, of course, Microsoft has a big announcement coming on Monday (I'm embargoed)".

Microsoft's World Wide Partner Conference starts in New Orleans on Monday, so it's not out of the question the company may have relevant news to impart, but what?

Developments for Microsoft's "Azure" cloud computing framework that will be offered alongside Windows 7 are a possibility as is a web-based Office suite.

Alternatively, whispers of a project code-named "Gazelle", an extension of Internet Explorer that would see the browser becoming an all-in-one operating system, are also doing the rounds.

We will keep you posted.