According to metrics company StatCounter, Internet Explorer 8 is going rather well for Microsoft, having grown from 1.55% to 11.09% market share, globally, since its launch in March.

Usage of Firefox 3 has remained steady at around 34%, and use of IE7 has plummeted at around the same rate as IE8's growth, suggesting that other companies are failing to capitalise on the opportunity to grab browser-switching users.

In the States, the picture is different. TechCrunch is reporting that the totalled versions of Internet Explorer have lost 11.4% market share since March. Half has gone to Firefox 3, and the rest has gone to other smaller browsers like Chrome and Safari.

In the UK specifically, usage of both IE (combined) and Firefox has fallen - 2.83% and 1% respectively. The benefit has been seen by Chrome and Safari, with the former climbing 2.6% and the latter seeing a 1.46% increase.