Oh dear, poor Microsoft. Like the software company version of Peter Andre, it just can't get away from its biggest hit - in Microsoft's case, the operating system that it created back in 2001. It's extended the lifespan of Windows XP once again, now to April 2011.

It follows umpteen previous extensions for businesses that didn't want to install Windows Vista due to the bad press surrounding the OS. The reason for this new extension, despite Windows 7 being on the horizon, is purely because companies protest that they won't have enough time to test the new OS before being forced into deploying it.

A Microsoft spokesperson said: "Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate customers will (now) have the option to downgrade to Windows XP Professional from PCs that ship within 18 months following the general availability of Windows 7 or until the release of a Windows 7 service pack, whichever is sooner, and if a service pack is developed".

That's a clear year more than had been originally intended. Meanwhile, as Pocket-lint reported back in May, Windows 7 will be launched on or around 22 October, the early response to which has been extremely positive.