As promised, Bing is now live in the UK, and you can go and try it by typing into your browser. However, before you spend too much time on the site, you might want to be sure that safe search is on.

Microsoft has issued instructions via Twitter on how to turn on content filtering functionality for the search engine. Although it's on by default, anyone can turn it off with two clicks and no age verification.

Once you've done that, a simple search for "sex" will get you watching bonking in no time at all on Bing's auto-play function, without even leaving the site. The 'feature' was pointed out by blogger Loic Le Meur, who tweeted about it on 1 June, and Microsoft responded fast - just one hour later.

Porn aside, what do you think of Bing? Have you switched from Google? How do the results and usability features compare? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below.