Microsoft has just officially announced its revamp to Live Search - Bing - proving Pocket-lints previous reporting correct. The new search service will be located at, and roll out over the coming days to replace Live Search entirely.

Bing will launch in Beta in the UK, with Microsoft stating that it'll add new features over the next six to twelve months. Launch features are listed as "great results", "homepage image", and the slightly more useful-sounding " Simplify tasks and provide insight".

Paul Stoddart, UK Search Lead, Microsoft, says: “Bing is being built in the UK over the next six to twelve months based on consumer insights and is designed to help people find the shortest distance from their initial Search query to the point of making an informed decision".

So will we all be "Binging" things in the future? As a commenter on Twitter pointed out, "Googling" surely sounded awkward once. Check out the images in the tabs above and let us know in the comments whether or not you'll be swapping to Bing.