Microsoft has moved closer to confirming an official launch date for Windows 7, even though Acer has already spilled the beans of an October launch.

According to Brandon LeBlanc over at the official Windows blog, the new date for the OS isn't the previously Microsoft stated "sometime before the end of January," but now the equally vague "in time for the holidays".

"Windows 7 is tracking well for holiday availability", LeBlanc writes on the team blog covering all things Windows, suggesting Acer's comments at the beginning of the month to Pocket-lint of a 23 October launch date were spot on.

"We’re in a good position today to provide an update to the timing of when we expect for that to happen", LeBlanc writes. "If the telemetry we receive from the Windows 7 RC meets our expectations in terms of quality, then we expect to hit RTM in 3 months or so. Again, check out Steven’s blog post on this process. If this happens, it looks like we’ll be able to have Windows 7 done in time for the holidays. I want to underscore that our top priority remains QUALITY. This guidance does not alter that principle".

The Microsoft man finishes the post with two suggestions - one to download the RC version of the Windows 7 operating system and the other, to go and see Star Trek.