Microsoft has announced updates to its 3D Photosynth technology that will let businesses and Virtual Earth customers create detailed 3D views of "anything from places to products and from hotels to homes".

Apparently the first commercial use for Photosynth, 3D models created with the software will be able to be viewed using Microsoft's Silverlight technology across multiple platforms.

"The integration of Microsoft Photosynth into Virtual Earth marks an important step in enabling businesses to use Photosynth in a relevant, customer-friendly way", said Jeff Kelisky, general manager, mapping and local search at Microsoft.

"With the integrated capabilities of Photosynth and recently added Silverlight API, our Virtual Earth partners have great tools for creating, sharing, viewing and embedding synths across multiple platforms, and building engaging experiences".

With potential applications that include estate agency, tourism and hospitality, retail and the public sector, those who've already gone for the Microsoft triple whammy of Photosynth, Virtual Earth and Silverlight include NASA and VisitBrighton here in the UK.