Microsoft has announced that its touchscreen "Surface" computer will now be available in 12 "select" markets in EMEA.

Previously only available in the US and Canada, the Surface is now also available in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Qatar, Spain, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates and the UK.

The Surface is Microsoft's "coffee table" computer, or, in their words, "revolutionary surface computing platform", that is controlled by hand gestures and the placement of real-world objects on the display.

Microsoft says it's had an "overwhelming" response from companies who want to use the Surface as a more engaging way to interact with their customers, so we might see some Surfaces on UK high streets soon.

In the States, mobile operator AT&T uses Surfaces in retail stores where customers can place phones on the screen to find out more.

The standard price for a Surface unit to EMEA businesses is 11,000 euros - around £9,840 - with a developer unit due to set businesses back 13,000 euros.