Microsoft has revealed a long list of changes to Windows 7, well ahead of the operating system's official release.

In a blog post, the software giant has revealed that the Release Candidate version of Windows 7 will have "quite a few changes" to what's previously been seen.

Although many of the tweaks are described as "under the hood", Microsoft promises lots of "visible" changes, based on user feedback they've received from the early, limited release of the OS at the start of the year.

Microsoft says the release of the beta version of 7 to the public has allowed them to "really focus on delivering a refined RC where the changes we made are all the reflection of feedback we have received".

As well as bug fixes, Microsoft has detailed changes made to the "Core User Experience", "Find & Organize" and "Devices & Media" with a full list of all 36 changes available in depth on the engineering team's blog post.

We'll bring you more news on Windows 7 as we have it.