Carphone Warehouse is recalling its own-brand "webbook" from all its stores, in order to change the netbook's operating system, industry sources are reporting.

It seems customers are finding the unfamiliar Linux operating system, that the cheap Elonex-made webbook is offered with, "confusing".

With as high as 20% returns in some areas, its said all the company's current Linux-based stock will get the more expensive Windows XP operating system.

One source close to the matter told Mobile Today there were no problems with the device, but that it was "simply an issue of consumer understanding".

UPDATE: Carphone Warehouse has contacted Pocket-lint to say that the webbook has not been recalled as the article states, a spokesperson said: "The webbook will be continued on Windows XP only, due to the commercial direction implemented by The Carphone Warehouse, but the Linux versions sold to date have not been recalled."