Microsoft has officially launched its "revolutionary crescent-moon-shaped mouse" that's apparently designed to be just as fashionable as it is functional.

The laser Arc Mouse has a unique foldable design, reducing by almost half for portability when it is snapped shut, but claims to provide comfortable use when opened to its full size.

The wireless Arc Mouse gets a 2.4GHz micro transceiver that snaps into the bottom of the mouse using a magnet, and is so small enough that it sticks out less than 1cm while plugged in so there's need to remove it from a laptop while travelling.

The Arc Mouse will be available in black this month in the UK for around the £50 mark.

Microsoft has also introduced the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3000, a notebook mouse available in black and white at an "affordable" price of £29.99 that's based on the design of the No. 1 best-selling notebook mouse in the US.