Microsoft is $20 million better off on Wednesday after settling a court case with Immersion Corporation, the company responsible for make stuff vibrate when you touch it.

In a press statement issued on Wednesday, Immersion and Microsoft have said that they have "agreed to resolve Microsoft's claim under a 2003 Sublicense Agreement between Microsoft and Immersion, as well as Immersion's counterclaim that Microsoft breached a confidentiality agreement between the companies dated May 2007".

As a result Immersion has agreed to make a one time payment to Microsoft in the amount of $20.75 million.

The case stemmed from Immersion refusing to pay Microsoft $15 million following a clause it had it a contract between the two.

The agreement stated that if Sony added Immersion technology into the PS3 controller it would have to pay the Seattle based company money, that never happened and so court proceedings started.

The case has now been deemed closed.