Photosynth, announced by Microsoft on Thursday, has it seems, been a victim of its own success.

In a blog post titled "Photosynth: Yikes!" on the official Photosynth blog Microsoft poster synthy was given the job of telling everyone that due to massive demand the site was in melt-down.

It seems people were overly keen in wanting to go "far beyond how you now view, experience and share photos".

"We have been abolsutely overwhlemed by demand, and have turned into a special static/read-only mode for the moment", the post said. "We've been under incredible demand since we released just over 12 hours ago. With everyone waking up around the world traffic has been on a steady ramp up since that release and has far exceeded even our most optimistic expectations." is now back online however Microsoft has said that they've had to disable some of the features until they can get more server power to cope with visitors hitting the site.