Although the details are scant, Microsoft has admitted that it is working on a replacement for the Windows operating system.

Midori - which is reportedly just one of the options that the computing giant is working on - could see a radical move away from client-based systems.

It is likely to be web-based so users would be able to use Midori from a number of different PCs.

The Software Development Times claims to have seen internal Microsoft documents about the project, and ti explains further that Midori will be "a component-based system independent of client hardware, instead running within a hypervisor virtual enclosure or hosted by a Windows instance".

In other words - it is a reaction against the virtualisation other computing competitors are developing.

Microsoft, however, isn't giving anything away.

It told the BBC: "Midori is one of many incubation projects underway at at Microsoft. It's simply a matter of being too early in the incubation to talk about it".