A source close to Microsoft and Yahoo has given some insight into the deal that is on the table after 3 months of wrangling, name-calling and threats.

Microsoft has proposed to buy Yahoo's search business but also wants to become a minority stakeholder.

Explains Reuters, the deal would involve Yahoo putting its Asian assets, including significant minority stakes in Yahoo Japan and China's Alibaba Group, up for sale, while Microsoft would buy a chunk of what remains of the company.

The source, who was speaking off the record, could not put a price on Yahoo's search business but Collins Stewart analyst Sandeep Aggarwal told Reuters that he estimates Yahoo's search advertising business is worth about $21 billion, while international assets are worth around $9.25 billion.

Both companies are keeping quiet at the moment on the details of the deal, which came about after billionaire investor, and Yahoo shareholder, Carl Icahn threatened to oust the Yahoo board in a proxy battle.

This was after Yahoo had rejected Microsoft's offer in a wrangle that had been going on since February.