Microsoft has launched a new feature for Windows Live Messenger - Messenger TV.

Claiming to bring together two of the nation's most popular online activities - watching videos and chatting on instant messenger, Messenger TV is way for Windows Live Messenger users to simultaneously watch the video content available on MSN Video with their friends - and chat about it at the same time.

Microsoft is also announcing content partnerships with Channel 4 and EMI to provide new video content on MSN Video. Content from Channel 4 includes clips of "Skins", "Peep Show" and "How to Look Good Naked" amongst others.

Content from EMI will include music videos from the likes of Coldplay's "Speed of Sound" and Kylie's "In My Arms", as well as "iconic" music videos from Queen, Radiohead and Blur.

Microsoft has provided instructions on how to get started on Messenger TV:

- Open a regular text chat in Windows Live Messenger with a friend and select Messenger TV from the list of activities available
- Browse the library of content available on MSN Video to create a personal playlist from the choice of news, movie trailers, celebrity gossip and user generated content
- You can now watch the clip you have chosen at the same time as your friend while chatting via MSN.