Microsoft has redesigned its Live Search browser for UK users.

The computing giant had already detailed a key update for mobile phone users, Find My Location, (link below), but has also now unveiled a new Live Search interface and search tools.

The new interface is "more intuitive", says Microsoft, so users will be able to refine their searches quickly without needing to re-enter new keywords.

The updated browser also includes an increased image index so searching for images is faster and results are now organised into one page so users don't have to keep on clicking "next page" to see more.

The video search option has also been refined.

To help you get from A to Z, Microsoft has teamed up with Multimap to now offer an improved local search experience.

There are new Aerial and Bird's eye imagery from Virtual Earth, and a facility to personalise maps with points of interest or other useful information, as well as book hotels directly from map views.

And last up, for celeb gossip fans, Live Search now offers Celebrity xRank, which charts celebrities and "news-makers" by the total number of daily web searches they receive.