The just-released first Service Pack for Windows Vista appears to be creating more problems than it solves for some users, PC Pro is reporting.

One PC Pro reader has gone as far as to claim the Service Pack has rendered his PC inoperable: "Started installing at 7.15am ... SP1 failed to install. Machine started to reset back to previous state. Computer still not usable three hours later".

The Official Windows Vista blog also has sob stories from other Vista users whose SP1 updates have not gone to plan. "I have installed Vista SP1 today, now I have no sound and my DVD drive doesn't work", is one quoted example.

"I installed Vista SP1 after seeing it on Windows Update last night. In retrospect, not my finest decision", is another. "What a disaster! It exiled all of my Nvidia drivers."

Others claim that the SP1 has adversely affected system performance, something it was supposed to fix: "Isn't a Service Pack suppose to fix issues? [I] went from using 650MB of RAM idle to 1GB ... I'll be be switching back".