Microsoft has faced many a legal wrangle in China over the sale of illegal copies of its software but now it seems the computing giant is itself going to be put under scrutiny.

According to Reuters in Beijing, a Chinese high-tech firm called Zhongyi Electronic Ltd is suing Microsoft.

The 100-employee company claims that Microsoft has stolen one of its creations called Zhengma that allows Internet users to type Chinese characters by converting them from the Roman alphabet.

Specifically, says the official Xinhua news agency, Zhongyi Electronic Ltd says that Microsoft has used its inputting technology and fonts in its Windows operating systems for a decade now without commercial agreement.

"Microsoft hasn't paid us for 10 years, since they paid for using Zhengma in Windows 95 in 1998", Lan Dekang, general manager of Zhongyi, was quoted by Xinhua as saying.

Microsoft is countering the claim.

In a statement, it said that it had won the right to use Zhongyi's product and fonts after the two parties entered into agreements under the supervision of Chinese government agencies.

"Microsoft has fully performed its obligations including paying Zhongyi the license fees in accordance with the license agreements", the statement said.

Proceedings for the case have already begun at Beijing No.1 Intermediate People's Court.