"Is your robot so impressive that you'd like to tell the whole world about it?"

If the answer to that question is yes, then Microsoft invites you to enter its national "I Love Robots" competition at www.iloverobots.wotudo.net.

"I Love Robots" offers robot fans the chance to showcase their prized robo assets to robotics enthusiasts in the UK, where the winning entry will get £500 of vouchers from a local retailer to help improve their robot.

If you're short on robot parts, but have the vision, then "Bionic Blueprint" offers those with grand ideas but no robot of their own the chance to have their dream robot designed in a virtual world, providing a professionally constructed blue-print for their ultimate robot.

Plus, the Blueprint winner gets £250 in vouchers to a local retailer to get started with constructing their robot.

The site lets inventors upload a photograph of their robot doing what it does best plus a few words about its capabilities, and invites the UK to pass judgement.