Microsoft has launched the Mobile Memory Mouse 8000, the industry’s first rechargeable notebook mouse with 1GB of flash memory built in.

Described as a "three-in-one supertool" it lets users simultaneously work wirelessly, save files with 1GB of storage and recharge the mouse all through one USB port.

The magnetic charging system has a charging cord that connects at one end to the underside of the mouse, and the other to the tip of the transceiver so you can keep going while it's charging.

The included AAA rechargeable battery claims to offer more than three weeks of battery power on a full charge.

One other trick worth pointing out is the option to use the mouse via Bluetooth, or via 2.4GHz. A switch on the bottom of the mouse lets users select which way to connect.

It's Vista-compatible with access to the Windows Flip 3D feature right from the mouse. A press of a button means users can flip through open windows in a stack, and switch between applications.

The Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 will be widely available in October 2007 for an estimated retail price of $99.95 and £79.99 in the UK.