Following the "41% of Facebook users are a bit dim" revelations, a recent survey sponsored by Microsoft has shown that Americans aren't too blessed in the online common sense department either.

A survey carried out in May this year, which involved 2482 American adults, revealed some worrying statistics about online security.

It seems that 17% of US adults have fallen victim to an internet scam; 81% of that 17, admitted that they were to blame.

The victims admitted that they had opened dodgy e-mails or, worse, actually sent information to companies that appeared above-board just because they had professional logos or recognisable names.

Lack of awareness seems to be the main reason for folk to fall victim to online threats.

The survey discovered that 58% of the adults consulted were not aware of online scams, and even those that were aware, did not know how to avoid the threats.

It's a wonder those victim stats weren't higher...