Microsoft is about to fight back against Google's Analytics stat analysis software offering by launching a beta program of its own service later this summer.

According to an official on the on of Microsoft's blogs, the software company responsible for the Windows operating system is hoping that its new tool, currently codenamed "Gatineau" will offer a host of features above and beyond what Google offer.

Tools to be included according to the posting include segmentation of web traffic by both age and gender, with the demographic data to be taken anonymously from users' Live ID profiles.

The Gatineau project is based on technology Microsoft acquired from DeepMetrix in 2006 and expected to be available later this year.

Google has been criticised recently by some webmasters for having an adverse affect on their website's traffic following the implementation of the service.

Microsoft will be hoping to avoid the same issues.

The company has yet to announce an official release date for the software.