A survey of UK computing habits has revealed that the over 55s are the UK's most frequent home computer users, with 95% using their home computer every day.

In addition, 77% of this age group go online more than once a day with 76% of respondents using it to buy items online and 70% to browse goods.

Over 1000 respondents took part in the Tickbox survey in June 2007, commissioned by Microsoft to find out how people are using their computers at home, 6 months after the launch of Windows Vista.

The research highlighted that online shopping is the nation's favourite computing pastime with 83% of all respondents using their computer to buy online, 71% using it to browse online shopping websites and 40% using it to sell items online.

While browsing was the one of the main computer activities for 78% of respondents, other hobbies included storing and managing photos (64%) and listening to music (48%).

In the over 55s group, 61% of respondents use their home computer to store and manage photos but 47% also use computer applications to edit or alter the photos - more than in any other age group.