Microsoft has launched the "Surface" a touch senstitive computer that takes the shape of a table and boasts a 30-inch touchscreen.

Essentially a Vista PC in a box with an acrylic surface, it does boast innovative touch technology - with no keyboard or mouse, users operate the Surface with their hands and this kind of interface allows multiple users.

Due to go on sale initially for commercial customers - Microsoft are aiming to sell the product to hotels, shops, restaurants and casinos - the product would work especially well to order food or drink to your table (and do away with surly waiting staff - hurrah!).

The Surface also features built in bar-code readers, so users can scan products on the table's screen to find out more information. This particular aspect of use is going to be trialled in T-Mobile stores in the States - customers will place a handset they like the look of on the table to find out more.

With a price tag of between $5000 and $10,000 it's only business customers who will be able to afford this new technology - Microsoft have promised a cheaper, home friendly version within 3 to 5 years.

Home users could take advantage of the touch operation for creative applications, to view images and play digital board games.