Davey Winder, Pocket-lint.co.uk's resident computer and hardware guru was the main attraction on today's Channel 4 news lunchtime programme and will be the focus of an in-depth report on Channel 4's 7.00pm news tonight.

Davey hit the headlines after managing to hack the government's visa application database, a hot topic following last week's revelation of a major security breach on the government's £6 million "New Doctor" website.

Davey summarises the story here in his own words:

"The government online visa application processing system for visitors coming into the UK from 12 countries around the world has been compromised due to Mickey Mouse security.

I was able to view the full application details of anyone who has applied online for a visa to enter the UK from India, one of the territories covered by the firm to which the Foreign and Commonwealth Office outsource this service, VFS Global.

All it took was me changing a few numbers within a URL.

Worse, VFS Global and the British High Commission were aware of this breach for a year, yet did nothing. A concerned Indian citizen stumbled upon it by accident, and was totally ignored despite doing the right thing and reporting it.

The security hole was fixed within 24 hours of my investigating the story, and I made sure it was before going public with this, and the service suspended totally within 48 hours.

However, I also found it affected applications for US visas, and one has to assume all visa applications within the 14 diplomatic missions and 20 countries that VFS Global operate. They process 3 million applications per
year, and have been doing so since 2001.

The information viewable included passport numbers, names, addresses, employment and travel history, in fact everything and ID thief or terrorist could possibly need..."

Scary stuff. Watch Channel 4's 7.00pm broadcast tonight for the full story…