Details have emerged about Microsoft's new Internet Explorer browser even though the application isn't due for another 12 months.

According to rumours on the web, the new IE8 will have improved RSS, CSS and AJAX support and work as a real hub for the net.

The interface will also host Microsoft's Silverlight application expected to take on Adobe's Flash.

With the developments of Microsoft becoming a user-orientated environment, IE7 missed out on its ability to be customised which will be a key feature for the next model.

Integrated into the upgrade of the popular web browser due 18 months after the launch of IE7, it has been hinted that it will support microformats, small tags will be embedded into the HTML code that can be used in synchronisation for software applications like calendars and contact managers.

At the same time, Firefox 3 will be contending with similar microformat support features.

We will keep you updated on launch dates.