Microsoft's Sliverlight, launched yesterday, has already found a way to make TV streaming smoother with fewer glitches in the connection.

Skinkers, a push video and news service has announced that it will be using the software giants "LiveStation" technology in its latest offering.

The LiveStation viewing panel lets audiences view live content on their PC and switch between channels if multiple live TV streams are offered.

When running the LiveStation viewer, the user’s PC will join the “cloud” of peer-to-peer streams watching the same channel and helping each other to access the live content effectively and efficiently. All this happens without infringing on the performance of the user’s PC.

LiveStation is accessed by clicking on a viewer embedded in a browser, installed from a website or distributed on physical media. The service has integrated Microsoft Silverlight with Skinker’s peer-to-peer technologies.

Matteo Berlucchi, Co-founder and CEO, Skinkers, said: “Internet broadcasting is the new frontier for content owners and there is clearly a market for the many video on demand providers currently emerging. We also know there is an enormous demand to stream live TV-like experiences to the desktop. Sports, concerts and breaking news have all proven popular online".