Unhappy consumers bitter about having to pay more for Windows Vista in the UK than consumers in the US have set up an online petition in an attempt to urge the company to change its pricing policy.

The petition was submitted to the same government petition website that over 2 million people visited to sign the petition on road pricing.

Set up by Paul Milne, he said that there was a "huge difference in the price that people in the US and the UK are paying for Windows Vista".

So far it has gained 6000 signatures.

"I can see no reason for there to be such a huge difference in prices between the UK and the US other than Microsoft's belief that the UK customers will pay more than their US counterparts", said Milne.

Milne cited the price of a full copy of Vista Ultimate in the UK as being £350, whereas in the US Milne said the price would be £195.

According to the recommended retail prices on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, Vista Ultimate is pegged at £203 ($399.99) in the US, and £369.99 in the UK.

"The US version of Vista is exactly the same as the UK version", he said.

Meanwhile Microsoft has released free tools to help corporate networks with upgrading and migration to Windows Vista in an attempt some say to bully sluggish sales.