Microsoft has been pushing Vista for gamers and for multimedia enthusiasts, but not all gamers are welcoming the software's new features.

According to one games developer, WildTangent, Vista's security features are too strict and restrictive.

By making it difficult and sometimes impossible to download and install online games, the developer is worried it will crush its business.

One of the problems is parental controls, which, once activated, block games based on ratings by ESRB. If they're not rated, then they're automatically blocked.

Microsoft says Vista makes it easier to get games up in running, but in fact, it can slow down attempts to install.

When games are downloaded, Vista warns it could be harmful, and warns again during installation. If the user tries to proceed, Vista then requires an administrator's password.

WildTangent's CEO, Alex St John, said, “"I am pretty darn sure it will significantly reduce the number of people who are downloading games or the number of games people download and buy".

"Vista does cast a wet blanket that does have some weight over that innovation. It doesn't crush it, it just hurts."