Symantec has today announced the availability of the public beta of Norton 360 for Windows Vista.

This really only affects businesses, as they were the first to get their hands on shipping versions of Vista.

Symantec has also recently made beta versions of Norton Internet Security and Norton AntiVirus for Vista available. The final versions of these two are expected to be released on 30 January, after Vista’s launch.

The final build of Norton 360, which will be Windows XP and Vista compatible, will be on sale by March.

Symantec and MacAfee have both fired shots at the security features incorporated into Vista, as they allege that Microsoft has locked the kernel so that the security vendors can’t get in to offer protection.

They alleged that hackers had broken through Patchguard, and said that Microsoft should grant them access so that they could develop protection from the inside out.

Shortly after, Microsoft agreed to give parts of its key data to security software firms so that their products could work smoothly with Vista, and so that their software could disable Microsoft’s built-in security.