Microsoft has finally announced a launch date for its first operating system overhaul in 5 years.

Vista, along with Office 2007, will be available to business customers on 30 November, while consumers will get their versions on 30 January.

At least, that’s what one website is reporting from a “very well placed source”. Perhaps the timing does make sense, as Microsoft only this week revealed its packaging for the new operating system.

The company recently revealed its upgrade scheme for new PC buyers during the period 26 October until 15 March. The cost of the upgrade coupons varies by manufacturer and the XP version already purchased. PC World’s strategy is to offer all those buyers of PCs costing more than £399 an upgrade coupon for Vista Home Premium edition on which the buyer must pay shipping and handling for the DVD.

Vista has been much delayed in the past couple of years, with release dates being pushed back again and again, but Microsoft is closer than ever, having released a final beta version a few weeks ago.