Microsoft has launched an new version of their mapping software for notebook computers: AutoRoute 2007 with GPS Locator.

The new GPS locator is a SiRF Star III that promises to be 10 times more sensitive than the previous version and receive a strong signal from anywhere. It can now be easily attached to the laptop via a USB port in order to view routing in real time.

Full-screen navigation mode has been streamlined so that the software is easier to use when driving, with the four most commonly used buttons prominently displayed.

All-new integration with Windows Live Search makes it easier to find and store business locations and points of interest to an AutoRoute map.

The Driving Guidance Pane has been enhanced to show textual turn-by-turn directions, with bigger arrows indicating turning points and distance in miles. A new Estimated Drive Time feature helps drivers get to their destination on time.

AutoRoute 2007 costs £99 with the GPS hardware bundle, and £35 without it.