Microsoft Hardware, the accessories division of the Remond software giant has confirmed the launched a wireless rechargeable and backlit desktop keyboard which the company first touted in June this year.

The new model, originally duded the "Ultimate Keyboard" now gets the rather un exciting name of the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000.

Not content with launching just one keyboard, the company has also announced the launch of the Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 and the Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 — along with its first rechargeable mouse, the Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000.

“We are pushing the envelope on hardware design to meet the new ways consumers are using their PCs at home and in the office. Keyboards and mice are no longer just about typing and clicking — they are an extension of the individual’s personality”, said Dan O’Neil, industrial designer with Microsoft Hardware after the marketing people clearly got to him.

The Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 and the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 are an inch thick, and promised to be filled with deluxe enhancements including a Windows Start Button, a Gadget Button to take advantage of Vista's software widgets, a Media Center Start Button allows users to instantly access media, including movies and music, and a Windows Live Call Button to provides users with the easiest way to start an instant messaging session or a video call.

The new desktops, like Logitech will use 2.4GHz Bluetooth technology for connectivity and offer a 30-foot range.

The Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 will as mentioned feature a blacklit keyboard so users can use the keyboard in the darkened living room while, according to Microsoft, still watching a movie.

Consumers keen to "push the envelope" can opt for the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 for $249.95 from February 2007, or the Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 for $149.95 from January 2007. The Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 will cost $99.95 is available now while the Wireless Laser Mouse 8000 for $89.95 as is available next month.

The company has not yet announced pricing or availability for the UK as yet.