Steve Jobs today used his keynote speech at the Apple WWDC 2006 conference to take a dig at Microsoft and its Vista operating system as well as outline a number of features in the company's new operating system, however the CEO stopped short of releasing any information on the rumoured iPhone.

Jobs started the keynote speech with the announcement of a new Intel-based desktop range called the Mac Pro which will replace the company's current G5 offering.

However, aside from announcing a plethora of new hardware, Jobs used the speech to accuse Microsoft of copying its operating system Tiger.

"Instead of having the menu on the top right, they have it on the bottom left. Another major technology is RSS. We have a browser that's simple and elegant and added Safari RSS. Guess what? IE7 RSS", one blog reported Jobs saying in his speech to a packed theatre.

When about to show off new features of the company's latest operating system; Leopard, Jobs is reported to have said "Redmond - start your photocopiers".

However, that didn't stop the CEO announcing a piece of software called Time Machine that sounds all too familiar to Microsoft's System Restore.

The new application will automatically back up files when you change a file, photos, music, or documents allowing you to go back in time to when you had that file.

Jobs used the opening day of the conference to show off a number of new features in the company's latest OS due to be launched in Spring 2007.

Those shown included the inclusion of Front Row as standard, Photo Booth as standard, the introduction of an application called Spaces that allows you create a set of programs for a certain time, like when you are at the office. Other improvements include updates to Dashboard, iMail and iChat.