Microsoft has released the latest test version of its Internet Explorer 7 browser.

Internet users wishing to try out what Microsoft has in store can download the application targeted at technology enthusiasts.

Earlier this year Microsoft released a beta version for developers and website designers and this is the first time it has asked the general internet public for help testing its browser.

Consumers in the US, Germany and Japan will even get free telephone support in an attempt to rally more users to try out the new software application without fear of messing up their computers.

Normally companies don't offer support with beta projects.

"We believe that IE7, even at this beta stage, is a significant improvement and we want as many people as possible to try it and use it", said the browser development team in a post on its blog.

"IE7 is feature complete and has been through significant compatibility and reliability testing. People (especially technology enthusiasts) will have a good experience with it", continued the post.

The beta 2 version of IE7 will not offer any new features over the last version of the developer beta.

The new version promises stronger security for internet banking and tabbed browsing already used in competing browsers Firefox and Apple's Safari.

Internet Explorer 7 is slated for release later this year. The first beta was unveiled last February.

You can download the application at