More Origami details before the launch have been leaked, this time by CeBIT's in-house newspaper, CeBIT news.

The paper, which is leading with tomorrows news today has been given the scoop on the Origami Project before anyone else in the printed world so those turning up tomorrow know what to cover.

According to the online version of the newspaper - found here, the “Samsung Q1 is a smart black device the size of a large paperback book with a large touch screen, a 40Gb hard disc plus Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built in”.

The internal rag also has a picture of the Q1 in action with what is best described as a semi-circle one handed keyboard on either side to be used with the users' thumbs.

The story also confirms our earlier story that the device will support both GPS and digital TV, however as we also reported, according to the article, both require external dongles for operation “in Europe”.

Interestingly the article suggests that the Samsung Q1 will come with “an external DVD player but movies can be ripped to the device's hard disc".

No price has yet been set.