The puzzles and riddles are over as a number of manufacturers have leaked details of the Origami Project ahead of Microsoft's big announcement tomorrow.

Intel was first off the block with details of the UMPC or Ultra Mobile PC. Defining the new device as:

“The Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) category offers consumers small, ultra-mobile devices with full PC capabilities, uncompromised Internet access, anytime connectivity, and the ability to recognize and adapt to its environment virtually anytime and anywhere.”

The site also featured an image of what a UMPC might look like.

Then a community based around the new device launched a series of pictures and images detailing what you might want to use it for. It described the device as for:

“Checking out your favorite movie during a road trip. Downloading and listening to the latest hot tunes at the coffee shop. Surfing the Web at the beach while your friends surf the waves. More than ever before, people around the world are demanding simpler, more convenient ways to access and enjoy their favorite digital content while on the go.”

Then Samsung waded-in and released pics of a device that is very different to those featured on both the Intel and site with the suggestion that its 7 inch version will come with GPS and DVB-T modules as optional extras.

The announcement and specs so far leaked suggest that the excitement of the new device isn't just going to be about one unit like Apple's supposed 4in iPod video, but an operating system that combines Windows, with Mobile 5 with Microsoft's Portable Media Center.

Actual products (along with the vital pricing and release dates) however have not yet been announced, with this section on both Microsoft's original Origamiproject website and still acting as though nothing has happened yet.

However Microsoft is due to announce all, including pricing on 9 March at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany.

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