It looks like another summer of viruses is underway. Fresh from MyDoom.O hitting search engines as reported elsewhere in news in the quest for new email addresses to spread itself to, the Trojan has left a back door through which Zindos is stepping after only a couple of days.

This virus re-hijacks the infected machines in order to launch a DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service) attack at, hitting the site once every 50 milliseconds.

Once again, Mac and Linux users are the only ones who can rest easy, this virus is Windows-Centric once more. It's believed that two versions back (version L) there were enough compromised machines to make this latest pair of attacks possible on this scale.

With a 24-48 hour gap between attacks, some machines may require manual updating rather than waiting for automatic upgrades if PCs are infrequently used due to the recent hot weather.

Zindos attachment names are as follows.

Delivery failed
Message could not be delivered
Mail System Error - Returned Mail
Delivery reports about your e-mail
Returned mail: see transcript for details
Returned mail: Data format error instruction
"Mail Administrator"
"Automatic Email Delivery Software"
"Post Office"
"The Post Office"
"Bounced mail"
"Returned mail"
"Mail Delivery Subsystem"