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(Pocket-lint) - During Microsoft's Fall Event the company revealed a new graphic design app that uses DALL-E 2 to help users create images with AI. 

The app, unoriginally named Microsoft Designer, is set to be available via Microsoft 365 and uses both Microsoft AI and DALL-E 2 to apparently help creative people save time and enhance the results of their work. 

Microsoft says that this app will let people create content whatever their level of expertise. Naturally, because images are being created by artificial intelligence this means you can create unique images automatically and have them created just for you. 


In the long term, these creator tools are also planned to be integrated into both Microsoft Edge and Bing as well. This should have some interesting implications for the future of image creation. 

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Google wasn't willing to give the public access to its Imagen AI just yet, but Microsoft is readying to give everyone access to AI tools with ease. This might be controversial in a world where many creative folks are worried about the future of their work when users can just start using AI to generate images and more. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.
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