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(Pocket-lint) - Who needs a password, anyway? Perhaps recognising that countless people the world over aren't exactly following best practise when it comes to their roster of digital passwords, Microsoft has announced that its account-holders no longer need to feel tethered by a single key phrase.

Instead, they will now be able to ditch their passwords entirely, instead relying on whatever combination they prefer from the Microsoft Authenticator app, Windows Hello, a security key, or verifications sent by either SMS or email.

Since most of these alternative measures involve randomised or one-time log-in authentication, they could actually be significantly more secure than a static password that could be brute-forced with enough time, no matter how complicated it is.

That's one of the reasons that Microsoft is citing, too, alongside convenience. It's a pretty easy change to set in motion, too. If you log into your Microsoft account, under advanced security options you'll know see the setting around going passworldless.

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This will require you to confirm it in the Authenticator, before you're off to live a dreamy life in a password-free world. If that's your thing! There's no suggestion that Microsoft is planning to make the change mandatory anytime soon, so don't fret if you prefer to stick to the old ways.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 16 September 2021.