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(Pocket-lint) - We know Windows 11 is coming soon, but the official launch date is yet to be announced to the public. You can, of course, access Windows 11 at the moment by joining the Windows Insider program and downloading the beta. If you want the full release though, you'll have to wait. 

Luckily you might not have to wait as long as you'd think. Recently Intel hinted at an October release date for Windows 11 in its own driver documentation

Now official Microsoft documents may offer clues as to the planned launch as well. In a recent post, Microsoft called for partners to submit hardware drivers before the end of September. 

Microsoft is essentially setting a deadline for driver submissions so that important drivers for hardware and peripherals can be included in the launch of Windows 11 and won't cause any problems. 

"Partners looking to achieve compatibility for systems shipping with Windows 11, version 21H2 Release may factory-install drivers for components that achieved compatibility with Windows 10, version 2004 until September 24, 2021..." the document reads. 

It is thought that this will then give Microsoft time to ensure all kinks are ironed out before launching at the end of October. 

We're still waiting on the official announcement and things might change in the meantime, but we might well be running Windows 11 soon.  

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Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 3 August 2021.