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(Pocket-lint) - Windows 11 leaked in its entirity this week - so much so that many people were able to install it including ourselves. Also digging into it, one Twitter user - Sigma - seems to have discovered a feature-restricted version of the operating system called Windows 11 SE.

This version would be a Windows 11 equivalent to Windows 10 Cloud Edition and would be a Windows 11 version for businesses or education where users won't be allowed to change various settings.

For example, the Settings app itself appears to be very restricted, while access to the Microsoft Store is blocked. Sigma also claims that you need to have a Microsoft Account to set up this version of Windows, it can't be done without. A version of Windows 11 like this would be installed by an administrator who would be able to control the different versions available. 

This could be a step on from Windows 10 S as well - or Windows 10 in S Mode depending on the marketing - however in the equivalent version of that the Microsoft Store most definitely would not be blocked. It does seem to support app installs from outside the store though, which Windows 10 S avoided at all costs. 

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Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 17 June 2021.