(Pocket-lint) - If you're working on a MacBook then you probably know that the performance of Microsoft Teams is less than ideal. Don't worry though, because Microsoft knows too. 

With many people working from home, Microsoft has been keen to improve the performance for all users. This has included a number of updates aimed at reducing the draw Teams has on your processor and overall system resources. 

For many Mac users, the Microsoft Teams desktop client has always required a lot of CPU power and this has been especially problematic on lower-end MacBooks. 

Several users have expressed discontent with MacOS performance over on the Microsoft Teams forum. In reply, a representative from the Teams Engineering team has said that the company is "...continually looking to bring performance boosts to the Mac Client" and are "... aggressively addressing other areas of performance around the Mac client".

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It's not clear when these updates might happen, but there are other updates rolling out in April that include the ability to reply to specific messages, support for a new and improved emoji picker and more. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.